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The  Executive Board of the Bulgarian Soil Science Society decided to begin publishing  Bulgarian  Journal of Soil Science  as International Series in 2015 and web based, free, open access scientific journal.  The Editorial Advisory Board consists of European researchers and specialists in soil and related sciences.

We are confident that Bulgarian  Journal of Soil Science will unite the research of specialists and scientists in soil science from all over the world  and help them in the processes of their scientific integration.

 The Editorial Board



Bulgarian  Journal of Soil Science (ISSN-online 2367-9212, ISSN-print 2534-8787) is an international open access web based scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of high-quality research in the field of soil  sciences. Bulgarian  Journal of Soil Science publishes scientific research that contributes to understanding the soil and its interaction with humans and the entire Earth system. The scope of the journal includes all topics that fall within the study of soil science as a discipline. The journal publishes original papers in topic sections on global and regional theoretical and experimental studies on the problems of  genesis, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, management, conservation, and remediation of soils.

Bulgarian  Journal of Soil Science is published two times per year: No 1 (May/June) and No 2 (December/January).


The Editorial Board

Prof. Metodi Teoharov – Editor  in  chief -  Chairman of Bulgarian Soil Science Society

Prof. Irena Atanassova  – Executive editor - Director of  ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Edoardo Costantini - President Elect of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)

Prof. Rattan Lal  - Ohio State University, USA

Prof. Rainer Horn - Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany

Prof. Evgeny Shein -  Moscow State University "M. Lomonosov", Russia

Prof. Pandi Zdruli - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, Itlay

Prof. Milan Mesič - University of Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. Dimitranka Stoycheva - ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria (retired)

Prof. Zornitza Popova - ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria (retired)

Prof. Radka Donkova -  ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria (retired)

Prof. Ludmila Malinova - University of Forestry Sofia,  Bulgaria

Prof.  Veneta Krasteva - Deputy director of  ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. prof. Zdravka Petkova ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. prof. Rada Povova  - Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Assoc. prof. Milena Kercheva - ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. prof. Neli Gadzhalska -  ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria (retired)

Assist. prof.   Jonita Perfanova -  ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Assistant  Mariela Stojkova -  Technical editor and Preprint - ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. prof. Biser Hristov - Web support- University of Forestry and ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” Sofia, Bulgaria


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