Bulgarian Soil Science Society Administrative Board


 Chairman: Prof.  Metodi  Teoharov Kostadinov, Ph.D.

e-mail: mteoharov@abv.bg

mobile: +359 884123823


Vice. Chairman:  Prof.   Irena Dimitrova Atanassova, DSc.

e-mail: i.d.atanassova@abv.bg

mobile: +359 898200605 


Secretary:  Prof.  Veneta Najdenova Krasteva, Ph.D.

e-mail: vnkrasteva@abv.bg

mobile: +359 879537352


Prof.  Ludmila Malinova DSc.

e-mail: ludmila_malinova@yahoo.com

mobile: +359 2 91 907/200


Assoc. Prof.  Rada Todorova Popova, Ph.D.

e-mail: radapopova@abv.bg

mobile: +359 32654389


Prof.  Zornitsa Popova DSc.

e-mail: zornitsa_popva@abv.bg

mobile: +359 896200725 


Treasurer: Asst. Prof.  Jonita Jordanova Perfanova, Ph.D.

e-mail: jperfanova@gmail.com 

mobile: +359889235631

































Bulgarian Soil Science Society (BSSS) shares scientific ideas and tasks set by the founder of the Bulgarian Soil Science Nikola Pushkarov. According to prof. R.Dilkova, BSSS was established in 1941 with the initiative of eight professors from the Faculty of Agronomy from Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridski”. The first chairman was prof. Ivan Stransky. Its statutes were approved on 26.6.1942 by an Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs,  but it was not registered by the court. According to data from the archives of the Council of Ministers, BSSS is registered with  statutes under № 1053 with end dates from 1941 to 1950, during the Second World War and shortly after that  there is no data of its activity

By 1959 BSSS had made consecutive registration in the Corporate Department of the Sofia People's Court , according to Case № 3 and protocol definition from the same year. Second constituent assembly with 58 members was made. Professor Tzvetan Staykov was elected as chairman. In the coming years BSSS was headed successively by prof. Ivan Garbuchev, prof. Lutcho Raykov, prof.  Todor Boyadzhiev , prof. Ivan Kolchakov and prof.  Raina Dilkova . Since 2013 prof. Metodi Teoharov has been chairman.

BSSS is nongovernmental organization for public activities, it was registered under the Law of Non–profit organizations. The High Authority of BSSS is the General Assembly of members. The General Assembly meets every five years. The notice published on the website of BSSS one month before the date of the meeting.

The General Assembly elects the Administrative Board (Board). The term of the Board  is five years starting from its election. The Board elects Chairman, Vice. Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer,  conducting regular meetings  annually, whose decisions are published on the website at the beginning of each year. The Board accepts program which  regulates organization and activities of the Board as a non-profit organization, statute of the BSSS, the decisions of the General Assembly and other internal regulations of the association. Independent financial audit is made every five years under the Accounting Act.


Goals , mission, vision  and duties of the Administrative Board  are stipulated in the statute.