Bulgarian soil science society is  located in the building of
ISSAPP "N. Poushkarov "

7 Bankya
Shose  str. ,  1331, Sofia, Bulgaria;
tel .: +359 884123823

Chairman - prof. Metodi Teoharov Kostadionov





Colleagues and Friends,

 Bulgarian Soil Science Society accepts new members.

A member of the BSSS can be any  citizen who is interested about soil and according to Bulgarian legislation meets the conditions for membership  established by the Law of Public Organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria.  According to the statutes of the BSSS accepts members that are willing to work for the achievement of the society. 

BSSS membership is voluntary and individual. Currently
members of BSSS are mainly scientists, students, pensioners and other soil related bodies.

Become a part of the world of soils! BSSS is part of the international network of soil science organizations (IUSS). As a member of BSSS, you are part of the largest soil science network in the world with over 60 000 members and supporters worldwide. Join us and open the door to a new universe of knowledge and information about soils and ways to protect them.

 Pass on! Tell your friends, colleagues and relatives.

As a member you will receive from us:
Books, journals and brochures
Information on the activities of the organization, projects  which you can join and news from the world of soil.
Discounts to attend conferences in Bulgaria and abroad organized by the BSSS and IUSS.

Support Our Work


Please donate as much as you can to support the BSSS today. Your donation is helping to increase our public activities and research. Donate to protect our land form pesticides, pollution, erosion,  ect., Your donation will help us raise our voice on the issues which matter.